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We are professional plumbers that know and understand your plumbing system from the waste line below your floor to the vent line above your roof. We are your plumbing specialist for any and all of your plumbing needs. Here are some of the services we offer.

In the kitchen We will take care of your kitchen faucet repair if it is leaking or not working as well as it use too. We carry faucet repair parts for Moen, Delta, Price Pfister and many other kitchen sink faucets.

If a kitchen sink repair is needed due to a leak underneath in the drainage piping, rotting piping, garbage disposal is leaking or not working, or the dishwasher is making a mess when draining out the water.

If the kitchens sink drain is draining slowly or not at all, we can have it flowing in no time at all. We will be glad to discuss a simple and low cost way to help keep it flowing for years to come.

In The Bathroom If you are in need of a faucet repair due to a constant drip or leaky handles when the water is running we can help. We carry repair parts for almost all of the brands on the market. If it is time to replace the old with a new faucet we carry several on our truck or can special order as needed.

If you are experiencing a toilet that does not flush properly, toilet leak repair, or a toilet tank repair we will be glad to help. If you need a new low flow toilet that flushes well we can provide the right one for you.

We also stock almost all of the major brand repair parts for a shower repair. If your tub/ shower is draining slow or the faucet is drippy let our plumbing specialist take care of you.

In The Laundry If you are experiencing water on the floor in your laundry room it is generally one of two issues. If it appears only when doing laundry it is most likely your drain is partially clogged. If it is a constant issue it could be your hoses that connect from the valve to the machine are leaking and in need of replacement.

Outside How are your hose bibbs holding up? Each hose bibb should have a vacuum breaker where the hose attaches. The vacuum breaker stops water from being siphoned into the drinking water supply. If these leak it may be time to replace it with a new one.

Check your emergency shut off valve to your house to make sure it is working properly. It is usually located

outside of the home and has a hose bibb where it enters the house. This is important if you have a water line break inside the house.

Water Heater This is the most important item to check at least every couple of months. Make sure your relief vale is working properly. This is a safety valve on top or in the upper portion of the tank that keeps your heater safe from bursting if the temperature and pressure get to high. Simply open the valve for a few seconds and then shut it quickly. Be careful where the hot water drains when checking the valve. The water will be very hot.

Also check the emergency shut off valve on the inlet side of the heater to make certain it is working properly. If you are not getting enough hot water or it turns cold it is time for a water heater repair. If you notice water around the base of the heater it may be time for a replacement. If you smell gas around the heater it is time to call the professionals or 911 if it is really bad.

These are some of the services offered by Hudson Services Inc. with many, many more services as well.

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